Spring Branches

It is that time of year. White Flowering Branches | White Flower Farm Spring Branches + Flowers | Blooming Branches, Bouquets, Potted Plants, Faux + Preserved - Terrain (shopterrain.com)

Happy New Year

Wandering around on TV looking for something to watch on new years eve I came across this on Amazon Prime. There is a link to the actual show on my twitter feed. https://youtu.be/I0yD3gSYo4c The promo had fireworks so I thought that fireworks and classical music was a good combo. Unfortunately there were no fireworks. Just [...]


2021. I have been online for a long time. I had a website for my Massage Therapy Business in the mid 1990's at 38yrs old. I participated in an online forum belonging to a celebrity writer and various actor(s). In a horrible marriage at the time a lot of what I commented on and how [...]

It’s a wrap

2020. Some elements of the quietness ( not observing holidays that are traditionally loud and busy, busy, busy ), were nice to experience. Reworking shopping was nice. Lot's of death and the inevitable issues of mortality was sad to watch and feel but it is inescapable. Life is a mortal experience ( at least for [...]